Download image from url and share file on share component

i want to download image from firebase storage.
how do i konw that the download is complete and when downd is complete
i also want to share " file with message " using share component.
please help.

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Use Download Component to detect the onDownloadFinished Event and get the file path from the local variable of onDownloadFinished Event block and save it to a global variable and then take the share component and in share file with message block use the global file path that you stored in the variable from onDownloadFinished event block.
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i found one other problem
after share image , showes file on whats app not image

Screenshot (50)

is downloaded file is valid? like having extension at end ike, mp4, jpg, png etc?

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how to get extention of file.
i use for image . but i do’t konw that my file is jpeg/jpg/png.

where you have uploaded your file? you will see extension at the end of link, like in this link jped at the end.

https: //

i store file on firebase and link like this

your file is jpg format, but error in link its not returning valid image

i saw “link like this”
that link i posted here is not real link
this is only example of link for privicy of token no

then must check after download, are you getting image or just any file?

check it in your files manager or try to set it on image component

downlod is file without any extention

thats why its sending like this, there must be error in link , check that again, when you get image then you will able to share it as image

i pm to real download link cheak it

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for me its working,

blocks - 2019-12-20T231219.764

Screenshot (52)
for me it’s not working
show your properties area
may be mistake on properties area

i just set file nme to newfile,png as default what you have set file name? you have to set it before download, like newfile,jpg, new file.png etc, any valid format for image, png, jpg, jpeg


Thanks it’s working
it’s not working because i changed “SaveFile as”’

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