Downloading issue

I have an app where users read my gdrive pdf files , i want to put 1 reward video for 1 download.

Show your blocks.

these are my webview blocks with sidemenu layout

Nothing bad is gonna happen if you answer this question, but is this a type of earning app?

not really, its a study app where users can read books but i want to give them download access by watching a reward video

That’s good! Good luck and keep up the good work.

thanks , but i am having issue with download limits.

what issue?

Hey as you said you’ll put 1 reward video for 1 download… make it a bit more simple by providing reward coins for downloadig. Like user can increase their reward coin by watching the rewarded video and for each video provide them 10 coins on their wallet. Now set a dowload button for downloading your stuff from the and when the user hits the button it’ll deduct 10 coins from the wallet and let the user dowload your stuff

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I did the same