Draco (Flurry Analytics)

Here’s the thing. I don’t receive any reports of bugs with my extensions… In fact, many others who I have had individually test my extensions have reported more issues than people who’ve gotten the extension from a public topic. It seems that people will only report issues if there’s not a workaround.

Hello, any updates for Firebase Analytics?

Appreciate your work and the fact that your extensions are good & free :slight_smile:


Yes, there are a few issues, but I’m taking care of them slowly.


Events are not logging and I’cant start timed event. I’ve waited for two days but events are not logged.

What are your blocks?

First of all, I tried going with your blocks. It didn’t work. Then I’d created one aia file so that I can test this extension.

Draco.aia (437.1 KB)

I’ve exported this application and installed in my phone and when I check it after two days events aren’t logging. It’s only showing active device.

hi stormi, any update on firebase analytics?


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Good work, need not empty for LogEvent


I don’t understand how to use this can make a video please. I want add urgent in my app. Please help :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

Is this extension is working now ?

Hello @Tharun_Kumar,

Draco has always been working and only relies on Flurry to do so.

what is parameter field in Logevent function? what to put in that parameter ?

You can put a dictionary with data in it or an empty dictionary.

@hammerhai I have a problem with your and a needed Extension for Android 11. Could you PM me and look over it? I would pay for an solution if it’s possible for you.

Suspension of upgrade policy

I understand this will be an inconvenience to many of you, but I’m suspending the upgrade policy for Draco. This change doesn’t take effect immediately, but will happen after one upgrade is released.

Modifications have been made to the index of available extensions to reflect this announcement.

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What do you mean with suspending upgrade policy? I imagined that it would mean you won’t update the extension anymore, but as you said it will take effect after the next upgrade, I didn’t understand.

What SDK version of flurry does the extension use?

Draco is not receiving upgrades of any type, and the library used is outdated.


Please switch to another Analytics-Based Extension, ensuring that it is using newer libraries.

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what do you mean? how you do that… i’ve tried the event log is not working