Drag and Drop Arduino Programing Somethink New

Please bring New Arduino Drag and drop platform like this.

Did you searched for the Arduino component in components panel? If no, then search for it. Kodular Creator already have a dedicated component for Arduino.

yes i seen and used too. but my meaning is someting

https://code.makewitharduino.com/ check this link

Can you please explain more why you exactly need it? Is there anything that the native Arduino component lacking in? Or is it not working as it should?

there so many components missing like buttons nationalizing rf wireless module xigbee etc. i need it like our kodular just drag and drop project ready.

Then edit your first post adding the things you want to be added in the Arduino component and move the topic to #feedback:iwant category. If it got enough votes, they might be added to the Creator in future releases.


thanks for support