Drag and Drop Component to change its parent

Are there any chance that makedroid can drag and drop component in the component list?
to change its parent ?
because i need to recreate the component and delete the old component if i’m drag and drop it on the wrong parent

You mean something like on long mouse click that you can move the components order?`
@Vishwas Is that possible ?


yes, something like that
right now that was possible in the designer but inside the component list i cannot do it, so if i was got ton of compoent then it will be annoying to move it only from designer

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Yes i also want this stuff work LIKE when we long mouse click then only components could be dragged .on mobile it work by touch that causing problem make it mouse long clickable then only component should move.

This should be possible.
I’ll see if I can get it ready for the next release

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Iam sure that would be really good.


This Bug has not been fixed in 1.1.1 what happened @Mika @Vishwas

Well it wasn’t ready i guess. And it isn’t a bug. It was a request.


Why bug?
It is a feature request…

Ohh sorry but I thought its a bug from start

Is it done or will be in next update @Mika

thanks, cant wait to get the update in the next release

Any News About This Feature Progress

This feature request really needs to have very high priority. It is too easy to accidently drag something to the wrong place in the designer, and since there is no undo function you are left with the bewildering task of clicking in the exact right pixel to get things back to normal.

Not being able to drag and drop (and group) in the outliner is a showstopper for me.

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