Drag and drop extension bug! Can't register 2 arrangements for drop

I am using this drag and drop extension By ken for my card game

the extension works well when I am dropping the card on the discard field, but doesn’t work when I try to replace it with a card in my hand!

my blocks are correct because I noticed that it works fine when I remove or disable the register drop into the discard field so that only on register drop is active

for example: when my blocks are like the following picture I can drag the card into the discard field but not my hand
Screenshot 2022-08-09 191119

but when I disable the discard field block, I can finally drag to my hand but of course now I can not discard the card.

I have been stuck at this problem for 3 months now please help

Do not use same extension to register multiple drag and drop. For every drag and drop try with multiple extensions… Drag in one more time and register then try

that was among the first fixes I tried but Its basically the samething. drag and drop 2 doesn’t work unless I deactivate drag and drop 1.
like this picture below, if extension 1 is active extension 2 doesn’t work

I know a meaningful aphorism on this subject: Don’t spend all your time solving problems, maybe there is no problem.

Why do you need to use this extension for this card game? You can create different and simpler solutions. My advice: If there is a problem in an application that you cannot solve, immediately create a new project for that problem and look for ways to solve that problem in the new project. You’ve lost a lot of time for a small problem. If you still can’t solve the problem, if you ask for help by sharing the aia file, I will help you for the sake of your 3 months of patience.

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I think using sprites would be a way better solution.

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I played with it a bit before I started the application and it didn’t perform as good as I want it to be.