Drag and drop web app and pc app creator similar to Kodular?

Hi, I am currently planning to make an app which help teachers to maintain students’ records(attendence etc) on their phone. But I also need to provide a way for the users to use my app (eg: to enter some data) on their PC, & by PC I mean on their computer(windows/linux) and on my website(web app). Are there any drag & drop PC application creators?

I do not know what to tell you

I only programmed very basic Linux scripts using Python, sh and Zenity

maybe Visual Basics but i dont think that there is a such platform for windows when compared to android

You could try this. Played with it a while ago.



Just program in Electron. JavaScript, HTML and CSS are very easy and fun to learn.


It’s not as easy as kodular but it’s the easiest way to create a web application

Oi, this looks good! I’ll give the community version a go and see how it goes. I have used python and PyQT designer earlier (about 2 years ago, I suppose). For the web app, I am using Wix for building my website, and it has Corvid. I’ll check that out too. Thanks everyone for their suggestions!!!

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This is awesome for building web apps! I tried it!:astonished:

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