Draw over Image Sprite Canvas

You could do this and how

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please search before asking any questions.
100 of topics are there similar to this so please search.
100 of tutorials available on YouTube…

Actually there’s no post about drawing over an imagesprite, so a search result wouldn’t help a lot.

@salem_m_s2021 Unfortunately you can’t draw over a sprite, because those are treated differently than the pixels in the background (sprites can move, change size, etc.), that’s why sprites are always in the front of the canvas.

If the sprite is not going to move anymore, you can save the canvas image as it is, with the sprite in its current position and set that image as the canvas background. Set the sprite invisible and whatever you draw after that will be in front of it. But like I said, you can’t move that sprite, because it’s not a sprite anymore, it’s a “photo” of it.


you are here
I have two more questions
You can find out how much the size of images taken from files
And how to make a retreat of the drawing

For the file size, you can use the FileSize block in the File component.
For the other question, I don’t understand what you mean by “retreat” of the drawing.