Driver tracking with google map

Hello friends, I want to implement a system where the users of my application see where the delivery man is going with a map. How can I do it?

  1. Display the map on the screen.

  2. Get the driver’s location.

  3. Place the driver’s location on the map.

  4. Every set interval (eg 10 seconds or whatever makes sense for your app) update the driver’s location on the map by redoing steps 2 and 3.

  5. Once the driver reaches their destination stop tracking them.


Also, search the forum as this question may have been answered before.

Thank you very much friend

What component should i use? e give the names as they appear in kodular please.

you need the extension App Inventor Extensions: Location Service | Pura Vida Apps

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do you use Firebase or airtable for database? or use other thing? i want to develop a app with tracking in “real time”

use FireBase

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