Dual Translator & Notes

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Dual translator & notes

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You can translate into 2 languages simultaneously and use an additional second translation service to compare translations. Also, a list of translations will be generated. You can learn vocabulary, or if you are a teacher, you can send this list to your students for them to study. Finally, there are some extra functions.


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Dual Translator & Notes - Aplicaciones en Google Play

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Looking great! Is it right that you first have to fill in your own translation API keys for the app to work ?

Hi! Thanks for your words. Yes, you have to get your own API keys. See the tutorial. Its easy. I’ve used this app to teach spanish and work great for me.

Do you think it would be better to make the app free with in-app purchases? Or maybe just with advertising and free?
For the moment I’m going to update it with public APIs so that users can test it without having to get their APIs.

I am not the right person to ask about this. I personally don’t use any ads and my apps are all for free