Duplicate Id issue in Dynamic Components

I have created a expandable list view with dynamic components. But its showing error like this

My blocks

you can try this Block.

Where it applied in my blocks?

in Expanded Procedure you can use it as the ID.

Use in all component id parameters on Expanded Procedure blocks?


There is one more way if you use a different Dynamic Component for Expand Procedure.
When you click on main card 2nd time to collapse it.
Add there -

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I am using same dynamic component for both procedure

then go with 1st metod of RandomUUID

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The Query is Solved in PM.

And @4netsolutions1 you was using very old version of Extension.
Always check for updates.
They are useful.


Thanks alot

Hey man, can you help me out? I’m doing 2 “fors” to got all itens in 2 lists, and i’m doing with dynamic components and is show this erros, please help me

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is your Problem Solved.

Yes and no, i got another, that in application some times, it works and show the list view that are in the data base, but some times when i start the application it doesn’t work, so I still don’t know ho to do this, so I’ll use a normal list view :frowning:

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