Duplicate Posts!

Members are more interested to create a new topic than searching the forum. I feel we’re the one who encouraging them to create new topics again and again through answering the duplicate topics.:neutral_face::neutral_face:


Agree, but sometimes they stuck in a thing which is not in that old post or new user cant understand that solution, so we Answer them and try to help


I posted this topic only for Duplicate threads.

yes you are right…

Read again,…! :wink:

Kodular can start captcha system duplicate topic check up system .

So spamming will be prevented.

It’s easy to create a bot and spam in Kodular.

I think double topic-ing cannot be considered as Spamming…
I think it’s just lack of patience, that you don’t search your question & post.

Similarly, if you created a topic; assume no expected reply came, and you lost patience that “No one is going to answer :pensive: & created another topic with same question :neutral_face:

@peter could assist well/more , he deals with duplicate posts/topics the most :+1:

Thanks! :blush:

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It will have to be done manually. Users could use some different wording when asking questions.


Adding captcha system may slow this down .

Yeah, they could do this to prevent the reader to notice that he has double-posted :confused:

I couldn’t get you clearly… :thinking:

Captcha will not gonna help. Because, posts are created by Real Humans, not by a Computer (Robot).

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We already have 2 bots namely @mika and @Peter:joy:
do you think they are humans?


Because you forgot me, you’re gonna be suspended for 2 weeks!!! LOL
Just kidding…


Not really. Adding a captcha system simply shows that you’re not a robot. I’m sure not everyone here is a robot. Although I respectfully took in your though!