Duplicate the same tag

good someone could help me, I wanted to see if you can use the same text in two different labels or put the same label in two different places

Why not ? That’s it ? I did not understand…
Label1.text = your text
Label2.text = your text ?

the idea is the following, a label1 whose text is hello
and in another place put the same label1 or else put another label2 but use the text of the label1

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Take the text property of label1 and place it in the Text property of Label2

Set and Get

For the same screen, use the procedure method method as below:

Else if you want to use it in different screens then do the following:
Store the label1 text in a tinyDB and use the get method in label2 in other screen to get the same text.

You should let him try it alone :man_shrugging:t2: … this is part of learning …

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You may use
Label1.text = hello ;
Hope it may help you :smiley:
meanwhile I am late :crazy_face:

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I believe that he/she tried it before posting in community. By the way community is to discuss problems. There is Kodular Docs to learn.


And here in the community we can also teach how to fish … by learning to fish, no one will want fish. :+1:t2:

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