DX execution failed

I use FireBase to pull the notices tag. By clicking on the LBL_Notigication, if there are messages, I put to open a vertical and inside it a listview without an image that pulls the items I want from the FB.
So far BZ, ListView shows the chosen items of the Notices tag.
But then I put the block when … After choosing on the listView the item would do such a thing. So when generating APK gives error. But if I disable the block when … after choosing on ListView, I can generate APK normally. I’m two days wanting to understand why the mistake and I do not think.
I think it’s a problem right in Extension, because my project works well. I just added the blocks down and the label.


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@an-nutri are you also using other extensions? which ones?

your error message is DX execution failed
this is a very general error message and therefore it’s hard to say, what might be the issue in your case
however there is SteveJG’s monster list of tips and tricks you can check for possible reasons…



I use all these extensions, this app is from my store

I did a test project using only the screens and blocks of this problem I am having. Everything went well here, so in fact @Taifun must be in conflict with some extension I’m using in my original project

what happens, if you remove the notification badge extension including all corresponding blocks and try to build again?



It seems that the problem is not in the extension, because I removed it and gave the same problem. Does Kodular happen to have limitations of vertical and horizontal organizations per screen?
Are there limitations to the number of blocks in the project?
Regarding the image of the error presented in the LOG, is there how to identify the error?
Is there a debugger to be able to find this error that is happening and preventing the generation of the APK?
In fact my project is very big, but it all started after I installed this extension.

there is no fix limit… how much do you have?
if you have too much of something (by @Boban) then this error could occur**

how many do you have per screen?
you might want to read again the monster list…



Screen1 = 346 blocks
Screen2 = 11846 blocks
Screen3 = 224 blocks
Register = 540 blocks

I did something here, I deactivated 5 blocks at random and the problem stopped, I did it on screen2 screen, do I have too many blocks?

I’m using too many blocks and is this causing this problem?

I dont think that this is causing the error

Have you recently updated services.jason?

In this case you have to optimize your blocks…

Anyway this might be also due to server limitation on how much it can handle…

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how to optimize? I have more than 10,000 blocks

generally follow the DRY principle, Don’t repeat yourself

reuse your components
use procedures
use the advanced blocks

see also more tips here



thanks @Taifun

could i have in my project a screen1 with 2,000 blocks and a screen2 screen with 20,000 blocks for example? And on this screen 2, for example, 70 other vertical organizations and many more horizontal ones, added to many many buttons and many other extensions in this project, and still not have problems generating the apk?

Its best to have as few blocks as possible (efficiently). Use procedures and spend a few hours going through your code and seeing what you can make more efficient. Even if you only remove 5 blocks at a time, do this 100 times and you are down 500 blocks.

you most probably will have problems…

if you have “too much of something” (by @Boban), then you will have a problem… just do it and find it out yourself… it is a great learning experience…


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