DX execution failed

I’m facing errors when compiling the app, the error is in the DX execution failed, I don’t know how to solve it, someone can help me, I need to present this project urgently, grateful

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How much components / screens you have ? You can use unchive.kodular.io to know . :slightly_smiling_face:


after doing a search in the community you could have found this



As you managed to solve the problem in DX compilation, I am having this problem and I need to solve it urgently. thankful

Using many screens will cause the compiling process to fail due to DX execution error, try to use less screen as possible and use virtual screens (ex:- vertical arrangements) instead ( that would also reduce the usage of the side menu layout ), see also tip 1 here:

Also, it seems from your screenshot, that you use same component many times, try to use dynamic components instead if static components instead:

And to reuse the components multiple times.


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Complementing what @Mohamed_Tamer said:


Unfortunately, the only option you have is to redesign your app, also I bet that most of the screens are identical…

Just to add that this statement is no longer valid, there is no popup/warning when creating more then 10 screens…