I can't compile the project - DX execution failed

Hi, I need help. I can’t compile my project. When compiling the project, the YAIL Compiler gives me an error. I’ve tried everything, but I can’t figure out the source of the error.
please help

according to @Boban you have “too much of something” in your project…
Please tell us more about your project

PS: also search the community for DX execution failed

@Taifun Thx for the quick response.
I have two screens and i think that i dont have too much of something, but i will try to reduce some componets, because i have 24 web components and i read in somewere that it may impact the app.

@Taifun how can i get the numbers of components that iam using in my project?

use Ai-Unchive
An AIA-Viewer for Kodular and App Inventor, you can view your projects, number of screens, extensions, blocks, assets etc.


@Thg thanks for the help :muscle: :+1:, hope that i can solve the problem