DX issue while compiling app

Please someone help me to solve this error

Which extension you are using ? Have you searched this thread on community?

Check this topic

Im using calenderview, horizontal, vertical scroll handlers, custom design listview , custom listview, phase animation, dynamic components, file picker, circular progress, pictodrive, photoview, and grahic design extension but i don’t think its due to extensions as till yesterday i was able to download the app

How many screens are in your app

Maybe this show because of any limitations of kodular

I’m using 6 screens

I checked this but am not clear what to do

Usually, it is when you have to much of something, so what did you do since it worked

I added some more components in my app, and yes while renaming space, i remained one space to space4678 and then all the spaces that i have been adding after that are containing names + space4678 maybe that’s the eror

Not sure about this, however, when you say space4678, I hope you don’t have 4678 space component in your project, if so then this is probably the cause

There are around 1300 spaces in my project, i tried renaming spaces but didn’t work

Thought of using Dynamic Space?

But i need to get each space in the same place, that’s a tough task and also im not sure that it’s the problem due to spaces. Also I’m using 6000 blocks overall

it’s not a problem at all to have more blocks than these, but Are you sure you need 1,3 k spaces??? Couldn’t you rethink this by either making them visible/invisible or width and height changing? I am not familiar with your situation, so idk really what can help you…

I don’t understand… 1,3 k spaces at the same place? I don’t get it… could you please elaborate?

Ok but can you explain me what causes anyone a DX error or what is a DX error?

I mean at the same place the spaces used to be earlier

Well, that’s easy with Dynamic Spaces if I understood correctly…

But can you explain me the reasons for DX error so maybe I can find the solution in my app