Dynamic button color background cannot transparant

i am making dynamic button using kodular pallete not using extension

but the problem occur when i want to make the button to transparant it doesnt work

i try using 0 put in color and do it with spesific id it still white ( i make button color white aka its not changing )
i try 255 255 255 0 its just the same
so isit a bug or what ?
or maybe i am using wrong color

thanks in advance

keep alpha to 10 or 12,Don’t keep to 0. just like 0 0 0 15
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its not transparant like no color #FFFFFF00
it make grey effect on my background, i use green background on vertical arrangment as place for button

It should be #00000012
dont keep the 00 at last two digit

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ok i try again using color util

Hmmm if the alpha is 12 than it is not transparent anymore

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yes thats right

Is it working as APK…

well i didnt try that , i still using in companion, but i will try to make it into apk