Dynamic Card Values not showing

i wanted to create a dynamic lable with horizontal arrangement with image,lable1,lable2,button but i am able to create the cardviewes based on airtable values but all the data is empty please help me

Well it seems that you created label and button, but then, you don’t set any proprety (text…)

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You didn’t even set text, there will be no data shown.

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blocks (7)


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Pls use small letter.

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ok let me try it

it’s not worked

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show your blocks

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save the ( set text )block as PNG , then share it here

Btw, you musn’t use the same ID.
All ID should be unique

i am getting this error The operation AddComponentToCardView cannot accept the arguments: , [1], [nothing]

Please read this. If not your problem won’t be solved forever.

I said don’t use the same ID. IDs of buttons and card view are the same

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so how to give them different id’s?

Use join block
For example
for label:
Join "1" get number
For button:
Join "2" get number
and so on


yes no use

Can you explain what are you talking about