Dynamic card view tinydb problem view pager

Hello in a previous topic our friend @Still-learning
He shared how to do it without using extensions, and it works excellent, but I just added a view pager component and I see that new cards are created when passing the different pages, here I leave the .aia, can you help me
Card_GSR2.aia (11.3 KB)

Please continue on that previous topic you’re mentioning…

your expectation? two VA is there? unable to read your expectation?

If it is closed, how can I continue?

The idea is to be able to use the same form and that data can be added independently


using the same form when accessing the page called
“one”; If data is entered, it is only reflected there with the card.

when you access page two, using the same form to save blocks.

I need to enter data and that it is only reflected there in the card.

Basically I have almost achieved it, but it distorts me, I create several blank cards.