Dynamic CardView Template

Right off the bat, this template is powered by @yusufcihan’s powerful Dynamic Components Extension. A round of applause for him; what you’re about to see would not have been possible if it weren’t for him.

Presenting… Dynamic CardView Template!


The FOSS version of this template creates CardViews with this design:

How do you create these Cards? Glad you asked.




As you can see, the cards are created with these procedures, and you can of course customize them to your liking. :slight_smile:

Each card in Release SR2 is defined like this (collapsed in the above screenshot):


Interested? Give it a go! I’d love to hear your feedback.

Download Links:


Disclaimer: Gilroy FREE fonts were used in the template, along with the default ya.png of apps compiled with Kodular. You can use whatever assets you require, as long as they’re obtained legally.

The template is provided without warranty, guarantee or any other form of liability.


A mention with a link to my website in your app’s About page (or equivalent) would be appreciated. :smile:

For custom versions of this template, to generate CardViews with a design of your specification, you can ping me on Telegram. I’ll need a sample of the design you need, of course. This will cost you about $5, with the price ranging up to around $7 (or Rs 500) for more complex designs. You’re still free to make any modifications you desire.

See the actual procedure



Great tutorial @Kanishka_Developer


good good :heart_eyes:

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Not able to download apk

Just tested; links are functional. Try again. :sweat_smile:

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Release SR1 has been released, making the procedure stateful!

Many many thanks!
It works perfectly

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Self-promotion time. :joy:

I do sell customized versions of this template for about $5, modelling after a wireframe to be sent by the customer. For more details, ping me on Telegram. :slight_smile:


Release 2 (R2 + SR2) is out! :smile:

I edited your Dynamic card R2 aia and removed small icon 1 & 2 and detail text 2, also deleted related blocks.

But getting this error

Have you updated the lastest version of the extension.

Nothing did with extension.

Try by updating the extension because this topic is old and the aia may have older version of the extension.

I am not saying the error is due to it.


Extension is already on latest version.


If you removed a component in the card creation procedure, you also need to adjust all subsequent IDs. You probably haven’t done so, thus breaking the procedure. :sweat_smile:


how can i use this dynamic card to show data list from Airtable?

Search in The Community.
You Will Definitely Get it.

A basic Overview -
When you Get Date from Airtable
Store it in a List
Then use a Loop - For Each item in List add CardViews, and Label inside CardViews.
Then Set Label Text according to index of List.

Refer this Guide for Custome Dynamic Designs -


Thank you @ADDYLIN for your help
i manage how to add data list to card view
but i have another problem i want to load picture from url i use @Kanishka_Developer card but icon load only if i use picture from asset
so what do i need to modify to load picture from url

Use This -

I recommend using my template with a clock, with a timer of value 25-50 ms depending on how intricate the dynamic components are. Trying to create cards in sequence will make the app hang.

The Image component should be able to directly load image URLs, and I myself have used that functionality in the past. Please check your link. :slight_smile: