Dynamic CardView Template

Nothing did with extension.

Try by updating the extension because this topic is old and the aia may have older version of the extension.

I am not saying the error is due to it.


Extension is already on latest version.


If you removed a component in the card creation procedure, you also need to adjust all subsequent IDs. You probably haven’t done so, thus breaking the procedure. :sweat_smile:


how can i use this dynamic card to show data list from Airtable?

Search in The Community.
You Will Definitely Get it.

A basic Overview -
When you Get Date from Airtable
Store it in a List
Then use a Loop - For Each item in List add CardViews, and Label inside CardViews.
Then Set Label Text according to index of List.

Refer this Guide for Custome Dynamic Designs -


Thank you @ADDYLIN for your help
i manage how to add data list to card view
but i have another problem i want to load picture from url i use @Kanishka_Developer card but icon load only if i use picture from asset
so what do i need to modify to load picture from url

Use This -

I recommend using my template with a clock, with a timer of value 25-50 ms depending on how intricate the dynamic components are. Trying to create cards in sequence will make the app hang.

The Image component should be able to directly load image URLs, and I myself have used that functionality in the past. Please check your link. :slight_smile:

Means This -

Can Solve The Issue of Hang / Screen Freeze

But i Didn’t Understood Clearly
Can You Please Tell Me Briefly.


Have all your dynamic data in lists (all the data for any given card should be at the same index). Create a global variable for the index.

Create a Clock.Timer with Interval of say 50ms. Assume you want to create the cards after a button click (can be any event, this is just an example).

When Button1.Click:
  set global index to 1
  createDynamicCard(dataIndex:get global index)
  set index to index + 1
  set Clock1.Timer Enabled to True

when Clock1.Timer:
  set Clock1.Timer to False
  createDynamicCard(dataIndex:get global index)
  set index to index + 1
  set Clock1.Timer to True

Here by dataIndex I mean all relevant arguments with their indices set to the global index.


i Will Try This and Get Back To You. :blush:

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Excellent work

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Hi .

Does it work with app inventor ?


My template uses the MakeroidCardView component which is not available on App Inventor. :sweat_smile:

The extension itself does work on AI2. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the reply

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Can you help me with my question (it’s about dynamic cards with this extension)??


Sure! If it’s not directly related to my template, it’s better to contact me on Telegram. (Link in my signature)

Can you please provide latest version of this extension…