Dynamic chat app

Test video :- here

For test app pm me actually it works on single email for now


great app :100: :100:


If it’s free, please share, if it’s free, set a price

thank you


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What should i set price for this ? Its aia

I must first say that
You did not tell me whether it is paid or unpaid

thank you

Paid :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: because I have work on the dynamic chat for last 3 to 4 months

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but I think it would be good to set a low price so it is open source and useful to developers.

thank you


?.. I am asking same

you can set any sticker of telegram

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What is the price on your mind

I have a chat application too
Apart from 1V1 and group messaging, there is video chat and message deletion, but I really like the features in your AIA.

And I’m thinking of buying unless there was a high price

How about 300 RS is it a good price

thank you


I have message you earlier in pm

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How you created sticker chat??

That’s secret

@Top_english_Stories You can add type of Animation or Stickers

With Help https://lottiefiles.com/

With the help of chat view??

What about Images, links, and videos. Can it auto-detect links just like Telegram & WhatsApp

Yes you can auto detect them and link with the browser / specific app

No it’s dynamic