Dynamic component at the top of last dynamic component

I am using dynamic component extension. I want to keep the second dynamic component on the top of first dynamic in a vertical layout and similarly for complete list so that the new data is at top and old are down. how to go about
thanks in anticipation

SetOrder block in DynamicComponents extension.

Ok should I place this block just after creation or before creation

understood, thanks, got the answer

However you will create dynamic compound with the help of for each number from (to) (by) block, there you design like this to get reverse order. No need to use any kind of extra blocks or extension. This will give you the last added item as first (for airtable, ghseet databases only. If the database is firebase this will not help you)


Hello do you got solution for this? , cause i search this too.

Yes… did you try this method to bring the latest one at the top of the dynamic component…??

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Hello thank you, I didn’t pay attention to reading from above. The solution in my block is to use a SetOrder.

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