Dynamic component crash.....Please help...I used 500+ item and my dynamic component crashing

dynamic component crash…Please help…I used 500+ item and my dynamic component crashing

use recycler view to load data seamlessly.

In such case either check your algorithm or try this extension

Credit to @zainulhassan

See the effect this extension!!
Loaded 13k+ items from gsheet and created dynamically within 5-6 sec , also searching particular item in this 13k+ items and produces result too in speedy way

1 word of advice don’t load more then 20 data at a time because doing that the will crash app. Yeah you can use recycler view but using dynamic view has more customisation.

Not true, same customizations


What type of customisation you are expecting? I believe we can do it in recycler too if you understand how it works and the way you construct. I have tried in multi direction and results was more than what I expected

BTW, did you test the APK or AIA which was suggested in the previous post?

Still your APK getting crash pls share demo aia

Can you help

Did you @md_niloy ?

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