Dynamic Component data update

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I don’t know english

Hlo i use this type blocks but

In all procedure but when i swipe so very slow data loading and hang on tab

I cannot understand this please tell me more

Share your demo aia, either me or someone will solve your issue. Your info are not enough for us to identify the problem actually where is I hope so

Check demo apk i can’t give aia because app is made fully but some error have so plz give me suggestion

Check demo apk plz and tell me what problem in have

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No use of APK also see the error in my phone

Which android version you have
And You allow all permission

Yes, allowed and using 8.1

Hlo tell me solution plz

Hlo plz give me solution plz

Hlo how to ad load more system in app with taifun file extension because when i use taifun file extension and get download file like music so got all music together app is crash and hang so i want first load 10 after scroll again load 10 this type so plz tell me solution how to set