Dynamic Component data update

I need help I am making Status saver app but i want when i click save btton so saved list updated how to do
I make but when i click save or delete list not update when i click back and go to home and again come saved screen so list update
Or i try another method when i use view pager method mean view pager slide on save position so error come anyone tell me how to do

When i used again load so it come
Mean when i swipe first time so it works fine and i swipe again so its come

Where i use it can you tell me
Are you understand what i want
I don’t know english

Use those blocks before creating new dynamic component because basically you are recreating component with the same id

Yes but where i use it


Wait I tell you all
I am making offline status saver
I open app and go to status screen here three function
I want When i click saved any status video or images so quick saved list update and have image or video view screen so i want user saved or delete any image or video so quick list update tell me how to do

Where i use it blocks

Its saved video blocks and have same save image block

Can you help me on telegram

Post a test aia here that shows the problem you are facing

Tell me here i use this plz help

The problem is, everytime you are calling the whole list… instead, just create dynamic component whenever user press save button by using index method. Just initialise one global index variable with zero and On click save button just set the global index to get global index +1 and alter blocks accordingly. Very simple

Can you show me with blocks plz

Aia is fully made but only this problem.have

I will try like this



this blocks deals with screen init

the abov blocks continue to update the items to the existing values…

Thanks i will try this method

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