Dynamic component not showing

Hello, I Need some help
first, I am using Dynamic components extension
([F/OS] - Dynamic Components Extension (for every component) 2.2.2) in my project.
The problem that I am facing is components not showing.
I check all the parameters but can’t find the solution
My Block

and this is layout screenshot

And my app screen screenshot

Firebase Database screenshot

So please Help me to find out the solution for this.

Anyone ? Please

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I also checked everything, and all seems ok to me :thinking:. let me check again.

i also suggest u to show this value in any label to see if this returning values or not.
because if this length of list is 0 . then no card will be generated

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I check it and got the solution but the new error comming
First see this video

As I first click order it show error then I again click order it open smoothly without any error .
I can’t find solutions to this
Do u have any solution please check

yes see video at 0:04 seconds. it says you’re trying to get item num 1 but the length of the list is 0.
and i think when you click first, it try to load list items, then adding items in the list at the end, but in the beginning list was empty.

Try Like this

I already done the same

Share your aia or ais to resolve it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi, I’m also having an image display problem in Dynamic Image. Before the new version of Kodular Fenix was appearing, now it isn’t anymore. On my Android 5 device it’s showing normal, but on my Android 11 device it doesn’t show up anymore.
On the Android 5 device all images appear, as shown in the screenshot below:

On the Android 11 device only these two images appear, as shown in the screenshot below. They were already loaded into my project. The others are being loaded from a directory.

it is not due to dynamic component exten but it is due to your image viewer extension. if you recast it, i hope it may work

What are the other extensions you r using along with dynmc comp?

It maybe due to Android 11 file accessing permissions. I don’t know much about files but i think it’s due to the file access restrictions by Android 11.


In List View Image loads without problem.

Thanks for answering, but I don’t understand…
See, images that have already been uploaded to my project appear but images that I upload directly from a file don’t.

I saw that even the Image component cannot display the image on Android 11 when I pass the image path.
In this simple example, I have the components: List Image View, Image and a Dynamic Image. Android version 5 displays them all, but in version 11 only the List View Image displays.


Android 5:

Android 11, after Kodular Fenix update:

In the case of the Image component, I managed to solve it using the Image_Utilities component, as shown in the image.
But how can I solve the Dynamic_Image problem?


I found the solution: