Dynamic components error in app but no error in companion

In apk app

In companion

Please clear doubt

Show your blocks :slightly_smiling_face:


Blocks are long ill give aia iTs ok for you

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Please show your relevant blocks, no need to show all of your blocks, it give an AIA file :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok 2 minute wait.

ok illl wait take your time

try this block.

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Ill try buddy

not working

kindly help i shared images of blocks

Probably, your error because you create every your dynamic components when the textbox text changes with the same id ( CardView1,CardVuew2,etc…) , which will cause duplicate IDs, as @ashishthakoor58 already mentioned, you should delete all of your dynamic components before recreating them.

User suspended for double posting and spamming community with the same question.


Are you making a search bar.

Follow this guide

its tooo bad no reach is available here so i posted double this iss too much here if i not get answer ill repost

Sometimes you get no answer. That is how it works. Like i said, double posting or reposting is not allowed so don’t do that again.

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