Dynamic Components - TextBox Input Type missing

Hi, it would be interresting to have the option of selecting different input types when dynamic textboxes are created. What would be great is to have all the properties availabe in a normal textbox.
Thanks for your great work

Hi @Daud_Schinackow
While creating a text box in kodular, we get a option of setting the input data type.
Example: phone number, string, email, name etc.
So when you define I put as a phone number it will only take numbers as a input. Later you can design a block to verify the number.
Similarly different input type works accordingly.
I guess for dynamic text box all the text boxes will have same input type.

Hi Shudhanshu,
Thanks for the response!!
Do you think it will be possible to have different input types for dynamic text boxes in the future?
I´ve tried TextBoxTools extension (https://community.appybuilder.com/uploads/default/original/2X/9/917a9d5f784728f6d8ae213848df075924a1f270.aix) but it is not compatible with dynamic textboxes :disappointed:
Please let me know if you have any idea of how I could solve this issue.

Many thanks