Dynamic components unique ID error

I haven’t changed anything in my procedure blocks.

If you’re having trouble creating labels with the extension, I had the same issue.

Kodular in built dynamic component can be created with duplicate ids.
You should also delete that label that you have created with kodular in built dynamic label component.
With this block

Then try.

@sanatmalani is not using extension for creating labels as I can see in blocks… :upside_down_face:


Getting error in using delete label component

The thing is I am getting unique ID error even when using clock method to load components, which shouldn’t happen.

I don’t know what is wrong.

And what’s the error ?
May you please pm me your aia file so I can check what wrong you are doing. But before giving the aia please tell me error that you are facing in deleting the label component.

these are the blocks of clock

the error while using delete label component. The operation DeleteLabel cannot accept the arguments: , [vrr172]

You are giving wrong format to Id Parmarter. I’d must be an integer for dynamic label. So give it’s correct id and no error will be reflected…

dynamic label id is integer, vrr172 is id of vertical arrangement extension

@sanatmalani Your blocks are overly complicated, what application are you trying to make?

Yes I seen in your blocks

If you know this then why are you giving this id to Delete Label block’s id parmarter.
You need to give an integer id to remove labels… Or you should use extension for creating the label.

I am loading dynamic components with clock, I don’t understand why I am getting unique Id error, what is the fix?

I’m assuming you don’t disable the clock after it’s already finished one iteration?

A unique identifier is expected, got ‘Lable_1’. Meaning this is the second identifier. The same identifier cannot be used then.
Where is the first identifier for Lable_1. ? Does the identifier have specific characteristics? What are they?


Thank you :blush:

I changed to a seperate post:

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Thank you for helping
For get some properties to the component how?
If you can get some aia for good understand .


I faced the same issue last week

Simple hack
Choose a variable as empty list
Set the variable with used id block
Now instead of using used id block in for loop use that variable

Rest no change

Please mark as solution if this is answer

See your problem is, you have deleted the correctly the component created by the dyna comp extension. But failed to dele the component created by the default dyna component.

Oh, That too suggested by sumit kumar in post no.32. which mean OP does mistake somewhere else.

Your suggestion is added already but that is not actual solution for him.

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