Dynamic components unique ID error

Dear community I am getting the error of unique while using dynamic components.

I have used two methods

  1. load components on card click

  2. using clock to load all the components

I am getting unique id error while using both the components

Expected a unique ID, got ‘vr170’.

What is the issue and how to fix it?

The issue is that you can’t create two components with the same ID, and its simple to fix, just choose different id’s.

I have chosen different IDs

The problem with card click method is, when I click card again, I get unique Id error , because the command is to load components, all over again.

but even when I use clock component I get the error, I dont know why.

Use block to remove id


I used this, but it is not working properly when I reload the components

any solution???

Refer here

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hey, I am getting unique id error in dynamic components.
I don’t understand why I am getting this error?

I don’t understand the solution.

It would be easier to help if you provided some screenshots of your blocks or maybe a test aia


Why do you use a combination of dynamic components with dynamic labels ? Why won’t you create labels with dynamic components ?

the thing is there are some features which are not there in dynamic component extension for labels, that’s why I use dynamic label.

But what is the solution of the error?

why am I getting this error? Trying to fix it from more than two weeks.

I do not see anything that can not be done with dynamic components (set text, alignment, font size for example).

Also when does this error occur? When you click any label ? any card ?

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May you please list them here. Because I never seen any feature that is possible with dynamic label but not with dynamic component extension…

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May you please post these blocks(load component on card click etc) . I think you are recalling the procedure with same id. That may be the issue


on card click
now the problem with card click is that same id are recalled when clicked again,
What is the solution?

You must delete the all created component first by this method


Put this block above the for each number loop so the created component will be deleted before the creation of new components and no error will reflect…

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does not work that way, you can try.

I don’t need to try because I know you are doing something wrong…
Post here your blocks what you tried instead of saying you can try…