Dynamic Components with MySQL Database

Good afternoon. I have an app for students from a public school. I put the link on the school website. Access to hostinger hosted MySQL database. The app only queries data supplied by the website or desktop system. So I want to create an app for teachers to release grades. The idea is: do the database search (I already do and the return in Json I put in the listview and the students consult) bringing the return to text box and dynamic labels. Labels would receive student names and text boxes with grades (editable). Is this possible? 2-Can I loop (knowing how many dynamic components have been created) and send student grades and id’s via API (php script)?

Maybe you can see this from Taifun:

You can also connect to your MySQL database through CodeIgniter. But for this you need to know how CodeIgniter works (it’s a framework for PHP). There are a lot of tutorials on the Internet (in case you don’t know what it is or how it works)

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Thanks for answering. But I already use CODEIGNITER + PHP + MySql + Kodular. The question is about using the dynamic components. If I can know the number of components that will be created (the textbox with student grades for example). And if it is possible to bring the Json data (I already put inside an uneditable component - LISTVIEW) into the dynamic textbox.