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In the dynamic components, specifically in the card viewers, it is possible to order the elements in a horizontal arrangement ?, the elements always come in vertical, until a long time ago I could not make the cards adapt to the content or the arrangement, I learned to through an extension that I bought from Deep Host, he has very customizable tea cards in that extension and through some attics I was seeing in hidden text of each component property, there I saw that when Deep wanted to automatically put the size high or wide I had two blocks, one to make them according to the content and another according to the size of the container … in a label I could see that it is hidden text in these blocks are -1 and -2, I tried them with the dynamic card viewers of modular and also do they work. I think that kodular should give much more emphasis to dynamic components … many options are missing, such as horizontal or vertical ordering, position of the elements … I like kodular a lot, it is an excellent tool and I feel very Comfortable community. My name is Jason, a telecommunications student and a fan of block code programming … A shortcut from Equatorial Guinea (Africa)

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No, horizontally not possible

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Yes. It’s posible. Use horizontal scroll arrangement instead vertical.
I did for test and it works. But you must control the width of your cardview.

Do you speak spanish on Equatorial Guinea?

si, es el idioma oficial, de hecho el mensaje lo traduje a ingles, :joy::joy:, no se cuantos hispanos hay aquí. con respecto al caso de antes, parece imposible de hacer, pero no obstante usaré la extension que mencioné antes.

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