Dynamic Image view

I only said the logic is the same but I didn’t say you copy from that. Besides, that guide is not from me. I have a full functional and customizable grid view guide. If you combine mine and yours, I am sure it can be much better :smiley:

This is mine, mine doesn’t need any manually added vertical arrangement.

Then you create the horizontal arrangement dynamically?

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I only used this as it uses less blocks… Any way…I mentioned your guide in the topic above…

@WatermelonIce :arrow_up:

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I added manully to use less blocks and to make the guide length readable … But it can be added of course :+1:

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Thank you very much!

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You are welcome :grinning:

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hello everyone, i need some help, im doing dynamic cardviews with a dynamic image inside, i just could set corner radius of the card, but i cant set corner radius to the dynamic image into the card. can someone help me?
thanks a lot

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Hi @Alejandro_Sanjuan!
You can see this blocks:

if you clicked on it will expand and you will be able to view the complete blocks.You will find set AnyCardView cornerRadius block to .This will help you set the card view radius :wink:

Awesome job man!

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thanks you Mohamed . I just could set the corner of the cardview, but my dynamic image still straight, this are my blocks, what can i change?


Sorry i can’t understand your blocks becuase they are in another language.What i can adviuce you is to set all your card padding to 0 and set your image height and width to fill parent :wink:

thanks!! i will change that!

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Would it be possible to make a change so we can use horizontal alignment? Ideally scrollable :slight_smile:

You mean arrangement? Yes of course? Just instead of adding a vertical arrangement in the designer, add a horizontal one, also you need to create the card view in the horizontal arrangement.

Yes, I was thinking about arrangement. Thank you for the answer, it’s workink :slight_smile:

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@Mohamed_Tamer kodular built in dynamic image scale picture to fit is not working

You can try the Dynamic components extension :slightly_smiling_face::

What do you want to achieve, if you want to make your card cover the whole card you need to set the image height and width to full parent ( -2 ) and set the padding of the card view to 0.

iam using dynamic component extension in my wallpaper app project there is a problem when i click on any image it takes to another screen with full picture along with download share etc option problem is this that whenever i clicked on any pic in next screen it shows only first picture in list i think there is a problem i have made in start value or get start value can i post aia here plz can u check out what is the issue

You can open a new topic for this problem :wink: