Dynamic images assync loading

I am getting dynamic images from airtable and my app is getting lagged while getting the images is there a way to save images as cache or is there a way to load images faster

Use this:

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What if our extensions are different like png, jpg,…

It doesn’t matter, just store your all images in a global variable and in create procedure set image picture to global images.

This extension loads almost all type of images.

Actually iam getting different images from different databases

Why are you using different databases? You can manage all things with one with good logic. Also, Your kode looks very lengthy.

Anyway, Don’t load data from different databases at a time.

Load one by one and add to global variable. So that all data (images) will be stored in a single variable and use it as a source of image in create procedure.

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can you share some blocks if possible

Can you share a video or bloacks based on caching images and getting from cloud if not cached

You have been provided with all necessary reference, now you must try something yourself and ask if you have any problems.

No one can provide exact blocks you need, you have to do it yourself.
And by trying yourself, you will also learn new things :blush:

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