Dynamic Label - GetWidth BUG

I did a test on the Dynamic Label component, I tried to set the width of the label I created. Then I try to take the width value from the label, but the result is 0.

Dynamic_label_bug.aia (3.8 KB)

two logical factos are there


Is this possible do you think?

You are trying to get width in the screen intialise itself, i dont think it is possible. You can get it after the creation by using clock or button click

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And i believe, since you have created the DL in VA, (you have set VA width fill so you will get width of the screen , though you set width for each label i think it wont work. But it will work for Dynamic button

Set VA width to some amount and try, also do not try to get the width of the DY Label in screen inti itself.

Thank you for replying. I tried using the button to display the width value of the dynamic label and it worked. Thanks for telling.

However the displayed width value is not the same as the one I set earlier. CMIIW

I believe that you cannot set width of the dy.label directly as per your desired amount, pls refer here

But it is possible with Dynamic component extension… Why dont you try that??

Even if you set is as zero and VA to fill, it is showing width of my mobile :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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I just found out there is an extension like that.
Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try using that extension.

If possible share with us…

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