Dynamic link Firebase

Hi, does anyone have an extension, through which you can make a Dynamic Link in your application using Firebase? A very such extension needs.

Such extension are not available currently :sweat:

I think I can solve your problem.
What I understood from your post is you have some links in firebase and now to want to share/use it anywhere else. Why don’t you short them?

I mean that in the console firebase I create a link that directly opens my application. This way I can do for example. On the website in the HTML button that when clicked opens the application.

No there are no such ext. to make dynamic link in firebase.

You mean instant apps.
For example a URL opens facebook than if Facebook is already installed in phone than it will open App instead of website.

yes that is what he is asking for

Then @kammarsoft you can try Activity Starter.
Read Activity Starter docs you will find how to open an app with activity starter.

Not. I mean the URL link that opens the application. But as there is no, it’s hard. Thank you for your help 💁

Can you elaborate more?
I think this is same as Instant Apps which are also opened by URL.

@vknow360 Open the link below in Chrome. The Google Play Web page opens with my app. Click the link at the bottom of the “Open in App” page. The Google Play mobile app will then open. That’s what I mean.
Link (Open in chrome): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kammarsoft.pangea

You can do that with chrome custom tab.

Do you know what Dynamic Link Firebase does??

It‘s not possible with App Inventor apps or the other Contributions (…and Kodular :wink:), because it‘s not possible to use the background services. Maybe some day and someone will integrate that feature and we can use it.


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I have no idea about Firebase Dynamic link but I know about this one:

This is called Instant App.
This type of websites open apps directly if app is installed on phone.
May be you are merging dynamic link and instant apps.