Dynamic PDF Book App - Free AIA File


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Dynamic PDF Book App

Hi Guys, I make this app using Airtable, ColintreelistView and Webviewer extension. as you know PDF file not open in Webviewer component. So you can watch this tutorial you will find a solution and aia file.

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I have no clue what you’re saying in that video and since this is English speaking community post videos in english then please…


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for worldwide users i have allow viewers to translate my tutorial using subtitles option in right side bottom of video.

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Can you translate it to english for us please :slight_smile:

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Can you please include description(with explain) and some screenshots on your post?

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Dynamic PDF Book App

This project is about to make an app using PDF files, Show dynamically PDF files and view in the app.
I have used two extensions:

  1. Colintreelistview
  2. Webview

Components I have used in Screen2 where I am showing all PDF files:

  1. Vertical Scroll Arrangement
  2. Airtable Spreadsheet
  3. Colintreelistview
  4. Notifier

Take three global variables from the variable section and name them accordingly to airtable spreadsheet columns and call spreadsheet to get a “Title Column”

When “Title column” got column then store values in the global title variable, and call Image column to get values and then store into the image variable and call Book Column to get values and store into book variable…

When the book store values then call colintreelistviwe to set arrangement where listview show their values and get initialize local to make a list and set empty list block. then take for each block from the control section and set length of list block to got values (all values in the list). and add items to the list. In colintreelistview extension first, we set image, title, and subtext. So, first, I get values from image variable and then from the title.set colintreelistview to set list (get list block from initialize local list) and set notifier to dismiss progress bar.

We got all the values and show it into a listview and when user click on the icon (Image) then we call spreadsheet to get cell, the row number is element index where user click on image and column name Book (URL column), When spreadsheet got cell then open another screen with start value …

In Screen3 I have just take vertical arrangement and webviewer extension

When Screen3 initialize call creatwebview block to set layout vertical arrangement and set URL to get the start value and set width height to the arrangement.

Sorry for my bad English, but hopefully you will get that idea…

Sharing to a Kodular application
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Amazing bro