Dynamic Quiz App with Scoreboard / Leaderboard aia file for sale | Airtable and Firebase app

Hello guys ,

Dynamic Quiz App with Scoreboard / Leaderboard aia file for sale . Lots of quiz app with scoreboard are present on playstore with millions of downloads because leaderboard system creates lots of user traffic in app.
So you can also buy this exclusive high quality aia file and upload it on playstore.

To buy the aia file of this application kindly Direct Message me.

Platform : Kodular

Price : Rs 700 or $20 ( Less for students )


Sample APK : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Pj1kUwGbzl1zQaRXbj01cG-g20X7FsoN

Details of Application :

  1. You can add unlimited questions and categories in the app.
  2. It has an Admin Panel from which you can add / remove categories and questions.
  3. Leaderboard is connected with airtable and is automatically updated as per users result.
  4. High Quality Login system is provided in app connected with firebase
  5. Firebase and airtable connected app . Fast and bugs free.

Video :


Im thankful to kodular developers for providing such platform to develop aia files and apps.

Hitesh K. Yadav
Dafaq Developers


Hello. I tried to direct message you and it wouldn’t go through saying “Sorry, you cannot send a personal message to that user.” Thank you.

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oh ok sir thank you for letting me know this important issue . @Vishwas @Peter can you please tell me why is this happening ?

Probably because the user is currently trust level 0


Thank you for purchase , i have emailed you the aia file.