Dynamic shopping app with Kodular?

Is it possible to create dynamic shopping app from website with kodular ?
example : Amazon , ebay or Aliexpress

Please specify clearly do you want to convert your website to kodular or you want to connect your website with kodular?

Please change the title of your post from ‘Is it possible with Kodular’ to ‘Connect website with Kodular’

Either you want to convert your website to app
Or wanted to built an app for shopping with your own database of products ::+1:

These are possible in kodular
You must only be experience in kodular​:blush::blush:

Just make more and more apps and one day you will be pro​:kissing_heart:

I’ve changed title to more meaningful.


I know it’s , but not possible without 3rth party data base

example : Amazon , ebay or Aliexpress

I think you can make !!
But require some skills
Of dealing with APIs to retrieve the data from web

yes that’s what i want

So what you want the community to do ??

Do you want them to make API for you​:joy::joy::joy::joy:
For free and without a penny??

no I’ll spend the money

Hmm so wait for a free developer that can help help you

Hmm, I found it

What! You found

Yes possible, Why not, You can inbox me for help

If you want something then you will have to change your category from discuss to marketplace request

oooh :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

okay check

no :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Why writing in bold