Dynamic web viewer

Is it possible to create a Dynamic web viewer
Like other dynamic components

Just one question, WHY?

Very good question. Can you also say which fetures it should have, it depends on the different features if it’s possible or not.


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same features of a web viewver

Then why do you need a dynamic one?

i was working on a browser type application not exactly browser so needed that for multiple web pages if you have any other suggestions you can tell me

Maybe @vknow360 can answer you.

If I understood you well, then you can use the Go Back and Go Forward blocks.

yes but if in case i need one more tab open just something as browser

Do you mean like this

or this:

I hope you understand it… :sweat_smile:

Use Dynamic Components extension from Yusuf.

Oh yes forgot this one at all :sweat_smile: Yes I think this is the best way to do it…

Something best is on the way…:wink:

Wait… don’t get it… :thinking: :man_shrugging:

yes , same as chrome

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Like @vknow360 said, use

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its not working ,can you try and share the snap of blocks

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its not working ,can you help

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Show your block what you have tried…

i cannot set any property it says property cannot be found with that name