"E" Character Appears When I Want to Show Big Number on Currencies Converter App

I make a currencies converter app. It actually works very well when the input is a small number. But when the input is big (so the result is big too), the result has an “E” character on it.

For example, if the result should be 1500000, it shows 1.5E6. Or if the result should be 18000000, it shows 1.8E7.

I know “xEy” means “x * 10^y”. But how can I make it simple so people can easily understand the result?

I have tried to do this :point_down:, split the number at “E” to list and manually multiply the number, but the app is crashed when opened. Do you have any other solution for this problem please?


Woah thank you so much, it works very well!

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