ead html file with webview in device-specific folder

Open a local html file in webview

Hello, good night koders

See my problem: I have an application that offers the user the option to download an html website and its css, js and image files to view offline.

Briefly, the flow is this:

  1. User clicks to download
  2. .zip file with the files is downloaded
  3. Unzip the file and try to move the file to the application folder or another folder on the device (ERROR)
  4. When offline, user can access the downloaded file

Incredible, but during this process I’m having some problems. Initially I can download the files through a list. This works perfectly, but when I access the downloaded file, I can’t find it in the webview.

I really need to resolve this. And I accept solutions like making webview read the right folder or transfer the unzipped file into the local folder that webview reads by default.

Important: I have knowledge about the path file: /// android_asset / .html (for final application) and the path for the companion as well.