Earn with blogger?

Hello guys

I have a question

Can we make a app of blogger with web viewer and place admob or other ads in that app ?

Is is against policy or not ?

Yes… You can create app with webviewer having blogger url and also you can put admob ads in app but be sure that there is no adsense ad on blog otherwise it will create problem to your admob or adsense account if you have ads on both blog & app.

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What if i use AdSense ads on blogger and facebook or other ads on app

Or other ads on blogger and admob on app

Or other ads on both

Then no one will use your app because you have to many ads. It will become a earning app and those are not allowed.


Please Avoid building apps that contain only webviwer. i have been using all the ai family platforms for quite some time now and i am telling you from experience that in the beginning your app will be publish but in the end it will be banned for insufficient content. You can build it but if you want to put it on Play-store, think of a rich content that will enhance user experience.

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i just saw this your beautiful app too. i wish i could advice you to remove the word whatsapp from your app title description. Google takes intellectual property right policy very very serious too.

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Ok bro thanks