Earn with youtube video app from play store?

hello guys i want a suggestion from you

i made a app which contains youtube videos and i want to earn from that app with ads but whenever i am trying to update the app it shows a error to violate policy
but i m always use a trick to update my app and it works but i m afraid to get ban from play store

so my main question is can we make a app with youtube videos by which we can also earn money if yes than how

one more question :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

if i upload these videos to dailymotion , is there’s any chance of get rejection from play store if i place ads with that videos ?

You should NOT monetise YouTube videos for two reasons:

  1. YouTube already monetises them
  2. You’re effectively earning off of someone else’s work which is illegal and also highly unethical.

ok can i us vemio than ?

Is the video content owned and/or created by you?

no :sweat_smile:

Then as I said, you should NOT monetise off of others’ work!

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ok :no_mouth:

Do note that apps that show ads over third party content will be blocked when you request AdMob approval

ok bro ill replace thst app with my website from where people can download my app than it will save my work and also policies of play store

Unfortunately, that does not change anything.
You’re still promoting unethical practices in your app, and Kodular will not condone earning off of someone else’s work.


ok than what can i do ?

i know we cant remove app from play store
than what will be the solution ?

The whole idea of monetising third-party content is wrong in itself, so here are two things you can do:

  1. Stop monetising the videos.
  2. Drop the project altogether and start something else where you create your own content, which you can then monetise.

ok bro thanks

And read something about the concept of copyright. It seems you are not aware what it means.


Even if you don’t have the application on PlayStore, you will be banned from Admob.

I think you can use Youtube API to add youtube options in your app.
But only when you either own content or you have permission of owner.
Otherwise it is illegal to use others content in your app and monetize in your app.

If you’re using the YouTube API, then you shouldn’t monetise even if they’re your videos since YouTube already shows ads on them.

You can do one thing this is best one don’t put ads on the screen whrere you show ads thats all

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