easy online database (free and safe)

Hi everyone, I wanted to ask you, what is the best solution to interact with a completely free online database with kodular?
I did some tests with google sheets, but if for example if I want to login with user and password, for what I know, I have to expose the users table publicly.
it is true that nobody in theory knows the link, and that the passwords would be encrypted, but obviously it is not the best in terms of security.
is there another way? always using free solutions.
for example, already being able to access the google sheets with a wired service account in my app that acts as an intermediary, would already be a great thing, but it’s been a while since I try and it seems that it is necessary to have a dedicated online web page that face from webservice (eg in php), which I would like to avoid.
if there is any other solution, maybe simple to use, if you give me some suggestions I try to study it, thanks

Please search the forum. This has been asked before. There is a lot to find about databases here and online via Google.

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ok thanks, but for you what is the best easy and free solution?

See this if you can implement this then this is the best I already tested it on localhost

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In a few minutes I will begin the guide on how to install Breadly in a local environment

No god no
Do you know I am also preparing a guide for same topic :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


What a pity for me

I reply here because my topic was closed… And this reply is offtopic here, sorry:

hello, thanks deanart for the link. it’s an incredible job and among other things I’m a web developer so php and mysql I know them very well. for my apps, however, I wanted to free myself from other environments to manage, or from free web hosting spaces that maybe are not 100% reliable. I had identified the google sheets because they were semolics to read for the end customer and because I could put them on the customer’s google drive and then deliver an app completely for the customer’s use, and then release me from him :). so if there was a way to access the sheets in a more professional way than I do now, for me this was the best solution for my needs. or if there is a valid alternative solution, stable and secure like google that will hardly close google drive :). if instead I had to choose the classic web hostin solution, as I am, I would develop the whole environment from scratch in php and mysql :slight_smile:

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thank you taifun
this is my original topic

this is a good solution, but maybe is not for me :slight_smile: