EasyMaths - My First Extension [FREE]

Hello Friends I Have Created A Simple Maths Extension.

Extension Features :

  • Square Of Any Number
  • Cube Of Any Number
  • Addition Of Two Numbers


This Is A Simple Extension

Download Link :- com.appybuilder.vedangsolaskar2018.EasyMaths (2).aix (5.8 KB)



Nice Extension…I think you are just experimenting on building extensions
But this can be done using built-in blocks

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I am new in Extension Development

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I am learning extension development


Keep it up …

@Alapjeet Thank you friend

How do you started extension development?
Which programming language have you learned?

Well done! Keep it up :+1:

Java programming language

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Thank You Friend

Do you use android studio?
Developed any android app using android studio?

You can learn java in YouTube or google. See Various Extension Guides and See Source Code Of Extensions.

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I Have it. I made a calc app but not published in play store

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Do have Developer account, if you have then why haven’t you published it?

I have developer account I have published many apps but the calc was simple. I made it for learning.

What’s the error message?

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I Have Fixed It