EasyTableNotes - Simple notes in tables

I wanted to present my first app here briefly. Hope someone like the app. Please show me grace^^. In my next app i will make many things better. In a few days i also plan to upload the app to the Kodular store.
Many thanks to all and to Kodular!

App: EasyTableNotes

Simple notes in tables.

Simply tap the table and start writing. In addition: Simple Timetable/Weekplan.

Create simple notes within tables. You can simply touch the spreadsheet and start writing immediately. There are also templates for a timetable or weekly plan. Each table can also be saved as a Pdf file and then printed if desired. Suitable for Smartphones and Tablets.


Link to App:

AIA file (Optional)


I didn’t like much this blue but other than that, very nice app. I will try it soon but congrats.

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If you wish, you also can change the color. But many thanks for your congrats. I really appreciate it!

Hi Alex, can you shared the .aia, i am lokinfor something like that tables.

Hi Raphael,
thank you for liking the app or the table layout.
Unfortunately i don’t really want to share the .aia because it’s my “mini business” where i earn a little bit of money with. I ask for your understanding.
But the table layout consists of a table arrangement with textboxes in each field. I hope this info helps you a little bit.
Thanks again and many greetings