EasyUPI - Control All Payment UPI apps from one Place

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EasyUPI Beta Test Version

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This app Controls all UPI apps for Payment Transfer Without Loosing Cashback Offers Means you don’t want open every app & Don’t Have to place all UPI app on Home Screen. Because this App can Control all from One Place
Only Supported for INDIAN users because UPI Only available in India.


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EasyUPI.apk (5.5 MB)

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Sorry Can’t Provide :slightly_smiling_face:

Also Suggest Any Changes. UI Designs, or Anything to add or Remove.
Important: Receive Option is Currently Disabled Due to Development in Progress. till then test this. I Have tested and Working Well. :+1:

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Since you insist… The gradient does not match the rest of the interface :confused:

But not bad, keep developing! :wink:

#HappyKoding :kodular: